Wwe steroid users list

҂ The Associated Press today ran a story about WWE officials meeting with New York prosecutors that are investigating illegal steroid sales. The meeting was held on Tuesday after the company was invited to join along with representatives from the NFL, NBA and other sports and entertainment companies. WWE spokeswoman Jennifer McIntosh declined to comment on what was discussed. The company which is being investigated is Signature Pharmacy which is based in Orlando, FL. Signature is at the center of Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares’ investigation into illegal steroid sales in upstate New York. It was revealed that Chris Benoit was a client of Signature according to the DA’s office. Signature’s owners have pleaded not guilty.

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So is there still a drug problem in WWE? Potentially. The issue is that WWE has a Wellness Policy they tout as one of the best in the business. Yet they still do have several guys who are big. They very well could have gotten bigger on hard work like John Cena, who has not changed much body wise in his 12 years with the company. If he used in that time, we would have noticed a change. However, you have some like a Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero who we know used because they started out small and just got bigger and bigger. It comes down to WWE still having a potential drug problem even in 2014, and it is obviously something they need to take care of.

Wwe steroid users list

wwe steroid users list


wwe steroid users listwwe steroid users listwwe steroid users listwwe steroid users listwwe steroid users list