Wrestler deaths steroids

Mushnick has called the wrestling environment  ”a death mill”. It’s hard to disagree. Benoit’s death made headlines – notably because he’d murdered his family. If he’d  only killed himself, he’d have been like all the others – just another name to add to an already expansive list (there’s so many, a website was set up to keep track). But Benoit is now infamous. There’s an edge to his story, a darkness that’s easy to analyse. But what about all the others? What about their darkness? What about their inner turmoil, their dependency on drugs? Their mental health?

Born a skinny and awkward boy in Moscow, Aziz Shavershian relocated to Australia with his family at a young age and aspired to become a man of muscle. Instead of simply lifting heavy weights and bulking up in the gym, Shavershian became obsessed with ‘aesthetics’. This was a different basic approach to bodybuilding, with the envisioned end result not an overwhelming bulk of muscle, but an overall sexually appealing look through muscle definition. And Shavershian, also known to the world as “Zyzz” created his dream body in just four years.

Late last summer, reacting on the suggestion of others, WWE reached out to Andrew to ask if he needed some help handling some alleged personal issues that he was rumored to have been experiencing. Andrew had been gone from WWE for over two years but had remained friends with many still associated with WWE. The rumors of Andrew’s issues were true and he was afforded the opportunity by WWE to attend The Hanley Center Rehabilitation facility in West Palm Beach, Florida for several weeks beginning in August of 2008. Andrew successfully completed the WWE funded program and was highly regarded by the Hanley Center with being such an asset to them after completing the program of which Andrew took seriously, according to the facility. Since being released from the facility after successfully completing the program, Andrew had been doing well in his 12 Step AA program and was in contact with WWE with regular phone calls.

Wrestler deaths steroids

wrestler deaths steroids


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