Steroidal antifertility agents

A prospective pharmacokinetic study of 17 Chinese women was designed to evaluate whether there was any measurable month-to-month accumulation of NET in the body during use of Mesigyna. NET concentrations in serum and saliva were measured after the 1st, 6th, and 12th monthly injection The mean peak concentrations of NET were ng/ml, ng/ml and ng/ml, and the AUC's1-28 were ng/ml-1/day, ng/ml-1/day and ng/ml-1/day, respectively. These data affirm that there is no accumulation of NET over 6 months or 12 months of treatment with Mesigyna (Sang 1994). Unpublished data on the pharmacokinetics of Cyclofem indicate a measurable month-to-month accumulation of MPA that continues for up to 6 months, and then levels off (Zhou et al. 1998). Both studies were conducted in Chinese women, and no similar data have been collected elsewhere. The latter observation is consistent with evidence from efficacy trials (discussed below), that the few pregnancies recorded with Cyclofem have occurred in the first several months of use.

Today, bitter melon is still widely used as a vegetable in daily cooking in places like Bangladesh and several other countries in Asia. As it has been for hundreds of years, it’s still used as a medicinal plant for the treatment of various diseases in developing countries (like Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Ghana, Haiti, India Mexico, Malaya, Nicaragua, Panama and Peru) due to its availability, low cost and multi-purpose uses. It’s also a popular addition to stir-fries in China, India and Japan and promoted for its digestive-boosting benefits.

In Japan, Melia has been used for cancer treatment of solid tumors as well as using it topically on skin cancers [9, 10]. It has been used successfully to treat malaria as well as vitiligo, and has been reported to increase brain serotonin levels thus having anti-anxiety properties [11, 12, 13].  Melia has also been shown to lower cholesterol levels [14]. In insulin dependent diabetics, melia has reduced insulin requirements up to 50% [15]. One interesting effect is that without decreasing libido or sperm count, neem has been used effectively as a male contraceptive [16]. In parts of Africa women use it also for the same purpose (so you may not want to use it if you are trying to get pregnant). I could keep going but you can see how it merits its name “the healer and illness reliever”.

Steroidal antifertility agents

steroidal antifertility agents


steroidal antifertility agentssteroidal antifertility agentssteroidal antifertility agentssteroidal antifertility agents