Steroid shots keloid scars

I have been using emuaid for about a week and a half. I have both the bar soap and the oitment. The ointment really helps with the vaganal itching, I used the bar soap as shampoo once, it soothed the itching on my scalp but it made my hair a little dry. I only have one patch in my back but seems to be going down since I started using the bar soap, about 5 days now. I have a friend that is a dental hygienist, she recommended rinsing with baking soda and water, said it work really well for one of her patients. I have also just started taking Purslane, it's a natural supplement that is supposed to treat oral lichen planus, it's only been three days, I'll keep you posted!

I’ve recently started looking in to essential oils–a whole new world!. I’m still a little skeptical and truthfully, the whole scene is a bit cost-prohibitive to a young newlywed like me. However…keloids run in my family and literally every scratch and scar I have stays forever and looks terrible. I’ve learned to just live with it but this may be the tipping point to get me to finally purchase some oils to try it out. Did you really see results over time in reducing the appearance of the scars? I’m amazed.

After an injury to the skin, the body sends cells to the wound that can build new skin and tissue. After it stops bleeding, a scab develops. During the first few weeks, natural collagen fills in the gap around and under the scab, forming new skin – a scar. Normal scar tissue slowly grows thicker and then smoother. Collagen production stops after a few weeks. Capillaries form to deliver blood to the injured area, helping it to heal more quickly. The scar isn’t quite as strong as the original skin. It becomes flat and takes on a skin color closer to that of the surrounding area. Abnormal scar tissue, such as hypertrophic or keloid, may never completely heal or fade without additional scar treatment.

Steroid shots keloid scars

steroid shots keloid scars


steroid shots keloid scarssteroid shots keloid scarssteroid shots keloid scars