Solvent system for tlc of steroids

After a shower, the soil is soft and the animals which walked there, leave tracks. By means of plaster, you can obtain the mould of these tracks and make an
interesting collection (figure 9). The experiment is very simple: it is a question of bringing a little plaster in dry form, some water, a bowl to mix the plaster,
and a spoon to stir. But, to which animal belong the tracks you have picked up? From here start the research of information. They exist books which give the picture of the tracks of many animals. Moreover, recognizing the animal which left the track is not sufficient: it is necessary to know something of its behavior, etc. From the simple collection of tracks you will be curious to know the animals of your land. Our article: " Environmental Exploration and Protection " provides you some indication on this topic. This experiment will open your eyes so you can observe the territory around you when you walk in natural environments with more attention. Plaster can be used also to obtain the mould of fruits, barks and other natural objects. From the cast you can also obtain the original shape.

Drug Release from the Semi Solid Dosage Forms and Drug Deposition Studies: Drug release from the semi solid dosage forms are performed by the Franz- type static diffusion cells. In this epidermal side of the skin was exposed to ambient condition. While dermal side was kept facing the receptor solution. Receptor compartment containing 20mL phosphate buffer pH was thermo stated at 32±°C and stirred at 600 rpm. Skin was saturated with diffusion medium for 1 h before the application of sample. A 200-mg of sample was applied on the donor compartment. For determination of drug deposited in the skin, the diffusion cell was dismantled after a period of 4, 8, 16, and 24 h. The skin was carefully removed, and drug present on the skin surface was cleaned with distilled water 28 .

Solvent system for tlc of steroids

solvent system for tlc of steroids


solvent system for tlc of steroidssolvent system for tlc of steroidssolvent system for tlc of steroidssolvent system for tlc of steroidssolvent system for tlc of steroids