Rugby league and steroids

Speaking of Aaron: You can argue for other homers that had more impact on an entire team and not just one individual — this was on April 8, after all — but I have Hank here because of the historical significance of passing Ruth and the circumstances under which Aaron did it. He faced ugly racism leading up to No. 715 from an ignorant and vocal segment that, in 1974, didn’t want to turn the title of all-time home run king over to an African-American. Despite the daily death threats and backlash, Aaron persevered and passed the Babe before settling at 755. Because of Aaron’s grace, humility and brilliance in the face of all this, he is rightly remembered — and still celebrated today — as one of baseball’s greatest icons.

George Smith cabled a friend in Sydney to enquire whether there might be any support for a tour by his New Zealand professional team. Word reached Giltinan, who took great interest. Giltinan announced that he had invited Baskerville's team to play three matches in Sydney. The Australian press responded by dubbing the travelling New Zealand team "All Golds", a sardonic play on the nickname of the existing amateur New Zealand rugby team, the "All Blacks" and the supposed "mercenary" nature of the new code. The games were a great success; leaving the rugby rebels of Australia with much needed funds which soon proved to be vital for rugby league in Australia.

Rugby league and steroids

rugby league and steroids


rugby league and steroidsrugby league and steroidsrugby league and steroidsrugby league and steroidsrugby league and steroids