Puzzio steroid guilty

During the investigation, law enforcement found the defendants’ illegal drug lab near Chipley, Florida. In the lab, investigators uncovered a hefty amount of steroids, including over 42,000 pills, over 3,000 liquid vials, and more than a kilogram of raw powders used to make the steroids. Law enforcement also discovered over 35,000 counterfeit prescription pills labeled as Viagra, Cialis, Accutane, and Clomid. Each of these four drugs are regulated by the . Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and are exclusively produced by major pharmaceutical companies. They also require a prescription to be legally dispensed. The defendants mass-produced the pills at the lab using two large-scale pill presses.

and the single most insane thing about this whole sordid ordeal: they totally had even odds at getting away with the whole damn thing if everybody had just not been stupid. and even after they were caught and HAD CONFESSED the whole thing, still they (and their families!?) were shocked (shocked!) that they might actually have to take the rap for MURDERING someone. the insanity just piles up. it's insane to want to kill your boyfriend's best friend. it's insane to tell other people you want to. it's insane that they would agree that that is, of course, the best possible course of action. it's insane that they all actually did it. it's insane they all went around telling everyone around them all about it. it's insane that they didn't expect to get caught. it's insane that they were all surprised when they were found guilty.

Puzzio steroid guilty

puzzio steroid guilty