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I find all these americans on this show pathetic. these foreigners are mostly good looking tens, they would not choose the others if on a level playing field. also, the old prison wives show, not the new one, a woman on there married a prison lifer, he was a con but very good looking, her not so much, she relocated her 3 kids by anothe dude to visit the con, spending $ on gas and moving that should have been going to her kids. the bio dad threw his hands up in the air and stopped sending child support and I dont blame him. wonder how that ever turned out,

A few other celebrities with surprisingly Muslim connections:
– Ben Kingsley: famous for his academy award winning portrayal of Ghandi, his real name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji and his father is Kenyan and of Indian Muslim descent.
– Shaquille O’Neal: famous for his basketball stardom and rap career, O’Neal’s first name and middle name, Rashaun put together means “little warrior” in Arabic. O’Neal is also openly Muslim.
-Dr. Oz: famous for his television show on medical advice, his full name is Mehmet (a variant of Muhammad meaning “praiseworthy”) Cengiz (meaning “universal lord”) Oz and he is a Turkish-American Muslim.
– Khalil Kain: famous for his portrayal in the movie, Juice, his name put together means “friendly spear”.

Philip Luther, Director of Amnesty International's Middle East and North Africa Program called Badawi's arrest, "...yet another alarming setback human rights in Saudi Arabia [demonstrating] the extreme lengths to which the authorities are prepared to go in their relentless campaign to harass and intimidate human rights defenders into silent submission." [18] Ensaf Haidar , wife of Samar's brother and President of the Raif Badawi Foundation , confirmed reports of Samar Badawi's arrest via Twitter. [21] [22] Center for Inquiry , an American nonprofit educational organization, called for her immediate release, and asked the US State Department to "bring to bear what diplomatic power they have to press Saudi Arabia to release Samar." [19] [23] A spokesperson for the Saudi Interior Ministry , Maj. Gen. Mansour Turki, denied claims that Badawi had been arrested. [24]

Mohamed ben aziza steroids

mohamed ben aziza steroids


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