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Overall , taking into account my respectable mass gains and fairly exception strength gains, I feel PHAT is a program everyone can benefit from. And by everyone I mean everyone, be they powerlifter, strength trainer extraordinaire, or bodybuilder. For my next cycle, I will be cutting for a month or so. I’m looking to stick to the PHAT template whilst incorporating Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1. To be honest, the prospect of that now is getting me fired up like crazy to bring the mid section back into the 11% body fat region whilst still making some solid strength gains. I think the main thing I’ve taken from PHAT is how awesome training legs twice a week is. Many people turn their noses up at legs and I can’t see why. After all, if you’re moving 350 lbs + out the squat rack, you will turn heads. Big benchers are fairly common and a lot of guys deadlfit big with rubbish form. Big squaters with good form are a rarity in comparison to the other two. I guess one of the key messages from PHAT is one I also personally hold dear. More time in the squat rack is more time in the growth pit.

Why was Marcus invited? It seems Mike couldn't care less that Lemonis is there. Lemonis struggles to elicit satisfactory reality-TV drama from Mike, even reduced to grilling poor Josh on the sidewalk about why Mike won't honor a handshake deal.

(Josh, by the way, is seen in several clips in the same shirt, clearly his favorite. That made us skeptical that there's a "West Texas Investors Club"-esque timing issue going on here in which actual events may have occurred in different order than presented on the program. However, Lemonis is wearing different clothing in Josh's scenes, so we withrdraw that skepticism.)

Mike has — on screen — perhaps the most gentle demeanor of anyone ever on the series. If he is a jerk, and that is suggested on the program by others, he's remarkably subtle about it.

Mike may be the goat of this episode, but Lemonis is the enabler. $300,000? These are skateboards, not fighter jets. For 70-year-olds.

I also enjoy training fasted, as I feel springier and not weighed down by food. I’m sure my actual performance suffers from it (., I could push myself even further if I had more fuel), but I’ve made pretty good progress in terms of strength and conditioning while following an IF+carb cycling diet for a cut: All mediocre numbers, but I’m happy with a 455#x1 squat, 355#x1 bench, 465#x5 DL, 297 calories on Airdyne in 10min. All this was done at 6’3″, 245# after a ~6 month cut from 285#, when I was squatting 405×1 at beginning.

Layne norton steroids

layne norton steroids


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