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I think I have told you about this before, but I was pretty set on a Dachshund or Corgi for my next dog until both of my previous dogs struggled with neurological issues. Lasya most likely had degenerative myelopathy (DM), common in German Shepherds, and Freya had a spinal tumor. I decided I didn’t want to take the risk of more back problems with a “long and low” dog. I don’t think it would stop me in the future, it was just too soon after dealing with Lasya’s long decline and Freya’s sudden paralysis. This is a really informative and important article, especially given the popularity of Dachshunds.

Dog food itself can have a positive impact on dogs that are suffering from arthritis. In a clinical study, dogs that were fed a diet specifically formulated for dogs with OA (osteoarthritis) such as Hill's Prescription Diet j/d , a food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids , showed improvement over dogs that had a similar arthritic condition, but that were fed an ordinary diet. The results of the study showed that "more dogs in the test group had a reduction in pain at the end of the 90-day trial." 82% of the dogs in the trial that received the new diet showed improvement.

That leaves the LA/Ao parameter of ≥. The EPIC Study’s authors’ footnote for that choice cites a November 2002 report of another study of solely cavaliers, in this case 166 of them. That study divided the dogs into two groups – 56 cavaliers with no MVD and 110 cavaliers with mitral regurgitation (MR). The study did not distinguish between MVD-affected CKCSs with and without heart enlargement. In fact, enlargement was not even a topic of this study. The cavaliers in the MR group had a mean LA/Ao ratio of ± . The 2002 study’s authors were careful to exclude any findings comparing LA/Ao ratios of dogs with and without enlarged hearts. Since the 2002 article made no distinction between MVD-affected dogs with and without enlargement, that LA/Ao ratio data was irrelevant to the EPIC Study. The 2002 article authors stated:

Ivdd treatment steroids

ivdd treatment steroids


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