Isis pharma steroids review

The underlying problem is simple enough: Each person normally take substances into his body through his stomach, where harmful bacteria are generally destroyed. But a vaccine is injected directly into a muscle or directly into the bloodstream, thus bypassing the normal protections. This is highly dangerous! The problem is that it is impossible to purify the vaccines properly. To do so would require too much time and expense to try to examine every microscopic portion (identify every toxin, poison, and microbe) and eliminate the bad ones. It simply cannot be done. So monkey pus, horse urine, raw animal hormones, and other substances are “purified” somewhat: then they are injected into your child.

a) JUSTICE (being impartial, fair, ethical, equitable, and equal. Going above and beyond to do what is correct, right, true, and morally sound for the betterment of all. Punishment = Crime).
b) LAW (a set of rules, regulations, statutes, and guidelines; predetermined by the rich and powerful, to generate profits and to help control and limit “lesser people’s” actions to be more “in-line” with the type of culture that the rich and powerful want. It does not have to be fair, it does not have to be right or true, it does not have to be ethical, equitable, or equal, and it’s 100% discretionary).

Isis pharma steroids review

isis pharma steroids review


isis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids reviewisis pharma steroids review