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Hi Katie. I just got this for the first time in May. The first episode the sores were where I urinate so I thought I had a urinary infection because it hurt so badly when I urinated. The doctor gave me an antibiotic but it didn't help so I went back to her again and this time she examined me and found the sores. I went on the meds to clear it up and it did. Now it is 4 months later and I have severe itching around my anus. I'm not sure if there is a sore but there may be. It's very uncomfortable and when I rub it to try and relieve the itchiness, it hurts. Totally different symptoms than the first time so I wasn't sure it was an outbreak again or not but since people have said that they had itching, I'm pretty sure it is that. My gynecologist said that if I have herpes 2 that it can reoccur regularly, type 1 not so much. I'm not sure which one I have.

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Forums legit steroid websites

forums legit steroid websites


forums legit steroid websitesforums legit steroid websitesforums legit steroid websitesforums legit steroid websitesforums legit steroid websites