First ever cycle of steroids

Hello, I have recently bought the Extreme Transformation book. Since I cannot afford the new Tranform app due to being on disability and want to be able to input my own foods, etc, any suggestions on how to follow the extreme cycle using MyFitnessPal? The book states 1500 calories for a woman, even though the Transform App shows much higher calories, etc. What is a good ratio to use for macros for high carb days and low carb days to incorporate into MyFitnessPal so I can follow the Extreme Cycle? I appreciate the information, as this is the first time I will be trying carb cycling and want to be successful at it. Thank you!

Getting pregnant can be such a mystery! You OB/GYN may have noted if your uterus is in a retroverted or tipped position – you could ask her. There is information out there that suggests that this is a variation of normal and will not affect your chances of conceiving, but also information about how having an aligned uterus is ideal/has helped some women. Since it seems you are having trouble conceiving, you might want to check out Mayan Abdominal Massage – The Avrigo technique – if you are concerned about abnormal positioning. Or perhaps there are holistic practitioners, like acupuncturists, naturopaths, or holistic endocrinologists near you who can help you out.

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First ever cycle of steroids

first ever cycle of steroids


first ever cycle of steroidsfirst ever cycle of steroidsfirst ever cycle of steroidsfirst ever cycle of steroidsfirst ever cycle of steroids