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The “full head” sounds more like the Pneumonia shot.
Tooth extractions cause tiny cracks in the jaw bone. Prolia (and all other osteoporosis medications except Forteo) work by slowing down bone turnover, which can slow bone healing. Prolia has the advantage that bone turnover returns to normal by the time for the next shot (6 months). Ideally your friend would have put off her Prolia dose until after her tooth extractions were fully healed (typically 6-8 weeks).
Recent information from the Am Dental Assoc points out that the rare complication of tooth extractions, OsteoNecrosis of the Jaw, can usually be avoided with antiseptic mouthwashes and by carefully repairing the gums so that no bone is exposed after the extraction. This is true with patients on osteoporosis medications, as well as cancer patients, poorly controlled diabetes, etc