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Well... Sergio Sr. very much did win my olympia and after 2 decades of screwing up his endocrine system (namely endogenous suppression) w/ deca & dbol he ultimately placed dead last in his final mr O appearance looking nowhere near as good as the previous decade and very much has had numerous joint problems including a hip replacement & a right elbow joint which is almost useless. The breakdown of his connective tissue (ligaments primarily) is no doubt largely due to decades of deca use which once cessated leaves the joints dry & brittle.

It is my opinion had he not used anabolic steroids & trained relying on maximum intensity instead of health destructive drugs AND stayed w/ Arthur Jones he would today probably be the most successive winner of the Mr O contest.

Chromium is a mineral that humans need in trace amounts, although how exactly it works with everything in the body is not fully understood. There are two kinds of Chromium, the good kind in dietary supplements and the poisonous kind that derives from industrial pollution. In the body it is known to be critical in the production of insulin, a hormone necessary to the metabolism and storage of carbohydrate , fat, and protein in the body. It is essential to maintain good Chromium levels to avoid obesity and prevent all of the health problems that it brings.

Bodyforumtr steroid kullananlar

bodyforumtr steroid kullananlar


bodyforumtr steroid kullananlarbodyforumtr steroid kullananlarbodyforumtr steroid kullananlarbodyforumtr steroid kullananlarbodyforumtr steroid kullananlar