Bodybuilding diet on steroids

Weight trainers do not use as much glucose fuel as the higher intensity or higher duration aerobic sports like track and endurance running and cycling, but even so, it pays to keep those glycogen stores topped up if you want to be at your best in training. You will notice glucose depletion more after muscle endurance and  hypertrophy programs  where higher repetitions, perhaps to failure, are slated rather than the low-rep strength sets where direct ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is likely the main fuel. Low numbers of repetitions with heavy weights are used to develop strength, whereas lighter weights and more repetitions are used to build  muscle size  and muscle endurance. The latter is likely to expend more energy.

As a simple and healthy replacement for the commercially available post-workout supplements , you can drink 300 mL of grape juice shortly after your workout, followed by a whey protein shake (50 g whey, 300 mL orange juice, 300 mL skimmed milk) 10 minutes later. This releases a total of about 90 gram of carbohydrates and 50 gram of amino acids into your bloodstream during the next 2 to 3 hours. The glucose and the fructose from the fruit juices serve the glycogen synthesis in the muscles and liver, respectively. The amino acids from the whey protein serve the recovery of the muscle proteins.

Bodybuilding diet on steroids

bodybuilding diet on steroids


bodybuilding diet on steroidsbodybuilding diet on steroidsbodybuilding diet on steroidsbodybuilding diet on steroidsbodybuilding diet on steroids