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What you want to do is go very light on shoulder pressing and stop about 8″ short of lockout, that way the joint doesn’t grind on itself. Or you may benefit from avopiding shoulder pressing altogether for awhile and just stick to lateral raises. On your chest pressing I would stick to machines or pushups. This is what I had to do for about 3-4 months while working through shoulder impingements, which sounds like what you’re dealing with. Heavy shoulder pressing will eventually wreak havoc on your a/c joints, once it’s bad enough you’ll need a shoulder scope where they grind out part of the joint allowing the deltoid to move more freely. Look into taking a joint supplement and also fish oil, back off the heavy shit for now, and work around the injury with other movements. I’ve been there and I healed myself

So what’s happening here? Its nothing complicated, mysterious, or fancy as many would have you believe. Its just that cardio raises your metabolic rate. Just as hibernation lowers metabolic rate to near zero, high activity sends the metabolic rate thru the roof. Interesting question, what qualifies as “ cardio “. Definitely traditional steady state cardiovascular exercise like walking, jogging, swimming, and biking. Perhaps interval training, its unclear. The Tabata supporters would have you think that 4min of Tabata is all you need to do, personally I feel that is some very wishful thinking. At best I would say that 20 minutes of intervals is like 35min of running. One thing that IS clear, you must do the cardio every day! The afterburner effect only seems to last about 24 hours so you need to do cardio daily if you want the effect. Doing a 7 hour run on sunday burns off fewer calories than doing a 30 minute jog each day and the 7 hour run will kill you 🙂

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Anabolic overdrive 2 mustaherukka

anabolic overdrive 2 mustaherukka


anabolic overdrive 2 mustaherukkaanabolic overdrive 2 mustaherukkaanabolic overdrive 2 mustaherukkaanabolic overdrive 2 mustaherukkaanabolic overdrive 2 mustaherukka